Double-Ringer ring toss game from Tik Tok



From TikTok to your home, the double ring toss game you’ve seen all over the internet can now be yours!

This is the game you have been looking for! The viral sensation, Double Ringer is a fast paced two player game perfect for your next party of get together!

Proudly handcrafted in Wisconsin, constructed from high quality materials.

The rules are simple. Both players are trying their best to catch the ring on their own hook. Whenever they do, they move the wooden shot cup one step towards their opponent. Once the cup is off the your opponents edge, you win!

Great to use as a family friendly game, or up the stakes with a shot for the loser. Play one on one, teams, or tournament style. The ways to play are only limited by your imagination!

Choose from bare wood, flame kissed, or stained.



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