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Cedar Grill Scrapers

Cedar Grill Scrapers

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Wire grill brushes are not safe. The wires come loose, stay on the grill, end up in food and in people - and that's not good. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests to use a nylon brush. I don't know about you, but I don't want wire OR plastic in my food!

Wood grill scrapers have recently been popping up as an excellent, and perfectly safe alternative for some time. So just-in-time for the grilling season, I've made my own!

Once the scraper is "burned-in" it will fit your grill grates perfectly, and over time as the grooves wear deeper, they will also form to the sides of the grill grate, and clean the top and edges, too.

Each grill scraper is about 17" long, 4" wide and made from cedar - a wood that is inherently rot and mold resistant - because lets face it, these will be left outside and forgotten!

I finish them with 100% mineral oil, so they are food safe.

Available with no decoration, or your choice of laser engraving - we also offer custom options with your family name or custom logo!

For custom designs, please reach out to me. You will receive a proof for all custom designs for approval prior to production!

All wooden grill scrapers need 'burning-in' - to do this, heat your grill to a high temperature, and press the scraper onto your grill grates, moving it back and forth slowly and firmly to start the grooves - over time, these grooves will get deeper and more formed to your specific grill.
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